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All students are required to use the prescribed class uniform. Uniforms can be purchased at the studio.


Ballet Classes

All students are required to use the official ABT or EnP uniforms. Each level has a prescribed color as follows:



            Kindy Ballet                 Light Pink Skirted Leotard

            Pre-Primary A & B     Light Pink Skirted Leotard

            Primary A                    Lilac Skirted Leotard

            Primary B                    Lemon Skirted Leotard

            Primary C                    Candy Pink Skirted Leotard

            Levels 1 & 2                  Magenta Leotard

            Level 3                           Bluebell Leotard

            Level 4                           Sapphire Cap Sleeved Leotard

            Level 5                           Violet Cap Sleeved Leotard

            Level 6 & 7                    Black Cap Sleeved Leotard


All girls are required to wear full pink tights and pink full-sole leather ballet shoes.



White leotard, black shorts, white socks and white ballet shoes.


Adult Classes


Women: Any color of leotard, pink tights, ballet skirt, and pink ballet shoes.


Men : Any color of leotard or tank top, black tights, and black ballet shoes.

Note for all: Ballet cardigans are allowed in class during winter season.


Jazz Classes

Black leotard, beige tights, and beige jazz shoes.


Fitted white shirt, dark jazz pants, and beige jazz shoes.


Contemporary Dance Classes

Comfortable dance wear and socks.






Apart from the prescribed uniform, ballet and jazz students are required to groom themselves as follows:


Female students must have their hair pulled back away from the face and secured neatly in a classical bun. Female students with short hair must wear a headband and secure their hair at the back.


Male students must have a clean-cut, traditional haircut. Older students who sport long hair must ensure that their hair is pulled back away from the face and secured neatly


All students
Students are not allowed to wear watches and jewelry, other than a small  studs, in class or rehearsals.


All students are expected to maintain good personal hygiene and be presentable when coming to class. Students dressed or groomed inappropriately will be asked to sit, observe, or write out the class.

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