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Edge ‘N Pointe holds annual recital for students. Everyone is encouraged to join in. However, only those who have been taking the course/classes continuously for seven months will be allowed to join in the recital. We believe that our training should include the process and the discipline of building one’s technique before going on stage.


Edge ‘N Pointe also has other performances throughout the year where certain students are selected based on merit and other casting factors.


Students who participate in the performance are mandated to join the rehearsals and to adhere to the requirements stipulated for each performance


Edge ‘N Pointe currently enters students for examination in ballet (American Ballet Theatre Affiliate Examinations) and in jazz (ADAPT Jazz Examination).

With the very high standards for both examinations, only students who have achieved a certain level of technique and holistic readiness will be invited to take the exams. Invitation is not a guarantee for eligibility for the exams. Students who are invited are required to attend classes regularly in preparation for the exams. Teachers have the final decision on the exam candidacy and reserve the right to pull-out any student who is not adequately prepared.

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