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  1. All students are expected to show courtesy, consideration, and respect to all teachers, EnP employees, fellow students, helpers, and parents at all times.

  2. Students should take pride in their studio and its entire premises. Food, flavored drinks, and gum are not allowed inside the dance studio.

  3. Students are expected to maintain silence and behave well while in the reception/waiting area so as not to disrupt classes that are in progress.

  4. Students should respect not only the studio but also the buildings in which the studios are located. Playing in the lifts, along the corridors and lobbies, or defacing any part of the building will not be tolerated.

  5. Unruly or disruptive students may be asked to leave the studio. Should this behavior continue, students may be asked to withdraw from class.

  6. It is imperative for the students, especially those in higher levels, to arrive early for class and allot time for individual warm-up. Failure to do so will impede their progress and potentially cause injury. Safe and effective warm-up and stretching exercises are discussed and taught in class.

  7. Students should be punctual and must be ready for class by queuing up nicely and orderly before entering the studio.

  8. Latecomers should wait until the music stops and enter the class quietly and timely manner so as to avoid class disruption.


  1. Toilet breaks will not be given during class. Younger students should be reminded to use the toilet before the class begins.


    2. Water breaks will be given as necessary. Students should bring their water

         bottles inside the dance studio with them.


    3.  Scooters, bikes, trolleys, etc. are not allowed to be parked in front or inside

         the studio premises, and left unattended. Parents and guardians should

         bring them along when leaving the premises.

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