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It is mandatory for all students to attend all classes and rehearsals. If students

Incur a number of absences, they may be ineligible for advancement to the next level and will not be considered to join performances and/or examinations.


Make-up Classes

  1.  We can arrange a make-up class for absences due to sickness. We are   

         sorry that we cannot arrange make-ups for other reasons.

     2.  A written letter, together with a doctor’s certificate, should be   

          submitted in order to arrange a make-up class.


     3.  The make-up class must be taken within 14 days of the said absent

          date. Classes to choose from are those of another class of the same     

          level or lower.


     4.  If our available dates for make-up class lessons do not match your   

          availability, we cannot guarantee a make-up class. Space available is on a   

          first come, first served basis.

     5.  If you miss the arranged make-up class, we cannot reschedule another  


     6.  Make-up classes cannot be accumulated to offset for the following term.

Cover Classes

If students will be travelling or will be away for a long period of time within the term, cover classes may be arranged, provided that we are informed at the beginning of the term. Arrangement of cover classes will be similar to that of make-up classes. Please see clauses 4 to 6 in “Make-up Classes”.


Weather Disruptions

       1.  In case of Typhoon Signal 8 and Black Rain, all classes will be cancelled. 

           Classes will resume 2 hours after the above mentioned warnings are



       2.  We regret to inform that we cannot arrange make-up classes for these    



Venue Availability

Some classes are held in other venues apart from our main studio. Should all outside venues be unavailable on scheduled dates, Edge ‘n Pointe will provide two alternative schedules to choose from within 14 days of the said date.


Notices and Circulars

Notices and circulars will be regularly given out to the students, and will be inserted into the handbook. Parents are required to read through them and reply accordingly. We will not be responsible if notices will not be read and complied with. To keep in tab with immediate notices, parents are also encouraged to follow our Facebook Page.


Children’s Chaperones

Parents or chaperones are not allowed inside the dance studio unless it is an accompanied class. However, parents or chaperones of children three years old and below are required to remain near the premises while the children are in class.


Parent’s Open Day

We will open our doors for parents to come and watch the classes on the last class of every term. A maximum of two guests per child will be allowed.



We are closed on Public Holidays and School Holidays. To view this school year’s Holidays, please go to Calendar.


Photos and Other Media

We reserve the right to use photos, videos, and recordings of our classes and performances for purposes that deem useful for the centre such as for teacher training and promotional purposes.



All those enrolled in our classes do so at their own risk and the company is not responsible for nay loss, damage, or injury to students and guests as a result of participating in our classes.


These general policies are subject to change at any time without prior written notice from Edge ‘n Pointe.


Weather Disruptions


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