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Class Placement


Edge 'n Pointe follows performing arts curricula and syllabi with levels designed to be sensitive to the development needs of each age group.  Age ranges for the levels are given as guidelines but emphasis will be placed on the student's technical achievement and holistic readiness.  Each student will be placed in classes that match their abilities.

Evaluations and Promotions

Individual progress is closely evaluated throughout the year.  Promotions will depend on the student's progress and maturity.  With varying paces of individual development, please note that it is not uncommon for a student to stay at the same level for at least two years.  Promotions are decided with the student's best interest and advancement in mind. If a child is promoted too soon, he or she will miss some very valuable training.  It may also lead to development of bad habits and injuries.

Class Bookings and Reservations

Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  Full payment of fees is required to secure a spot in class. Current students will be given a two-week early booking period before registration is opened to new students.  Classes are closed once capacity is reached.

Registration Forms

All students should submit a completed registration form.

Payment of Fees

1.  Tuition fees are to be paid per term, before or on the onset of each term.  A surchage of 5% will be imposed if payment is  

     made thereafter.  A student will lose his/her reserved spot if fees are left unpaid.

2.  Fees for first-time enrollees joining partway through the term will be pro-rated.

3.  We accept cash, Octopus, FPS, or cheques for payments.  FPS is to made to phone number 66814274. Cheques are made

      payable to Edge 'N Pointe Dance Centre Limited.

4.  If fees haven't been settled, we reserve the right to refuse students in class.  Students with delinquent accounts will also not

     be given the privilege of early registration.


We regret that we cannot, under any circumstances, give refunds for classes already paid for.

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