Adult Ballet (Beginner & Intermediate)

Was becoming a ballerina one of your childhood dreams?  It is never too late to learn the basics of ballet.

Are you someone who has stopped dancing long ago?  It's never too late to rekindle one's love for ballet.

Come and join EnP's Adult Ballet Class!  This class is designed for adults who want to take ballet as their form of exercise.  Not only do you get to move your body, you will be able to do so with elegant grace and aplomb.

Conditioning and Stretching Classes

A combination of pilates and the Progressing Ballet Technique, these classes are designed for serious ballet students who want to work more on strengthening their bodies to meet the demands of pre-professional and professional dancing. 


Latin Dance

Did you ever want to learn the cha cha cha, merengue, bachata, and paso doble?  Do you want to know more about samba, tango, rumba, jive, salsa and the mambo?  Now is the time to do so!  Get ready to burn the dance floor with our Cardio Latin Dance Pump Class. 


Oh, and don’t forget, you’ll also burn extra calories as you learn the basics of latin dances,  as the class is designed to have a great amount of cardio work as well.  You’ll definitely look good on the dance floor in your next party!