Kids and Teens

Kids and Teens


Classical Ballet

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Youth Jazz

Energy.  Vitality. Vibrancy.  These are three of the many things why Jazz appeals to everyone.  Let your kids explore this form that draws inspiration from a vast range of music like jazz, swing, blues, pop, soul, and funk.  Let them groove and have a taste of lyrical and percussive movements of contemporary and classic jazz dance.  They will first learn the right technique of dance, as they develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and correct alignment — for these are the vital ingredients in grooving to dance combinations brilliantly.


Youth Tap

Who says the classic tap dance is not alive?  It is very much alive and beating in our dance centre.  A fun and exhilarating form of dance, your kids will enjoy every second of it.  They might even remember how fun it was to watch the tap dance numbers in Mary Poppins. Enroll them now and let them learn to tap away like Gene Kelley, Ginger Rogers, or Fred Astaire.


Elementary Contemporary

Your children love rolling on the floor, jumping up in the air in very creative positions, dancing with a style closer to being human.  Because of this, they will surely enjoy our Contemporary classes.  Not only will they learn to be more creative and expressive in their movements, they will learn the right technique of how to do certain dance movements and tricks.


Musical Theatre

All those triple threats out there — those who dance, sing, and act — or even those who want to train to be one,  this one is for you,  future Broadway stars!  Learn to communicate beautifully with your words, songs, and movement.  Enjoy integrating all the elements of performing arts into one fascinating class.


Zumba Kids

The Zumba® Kids program is the ultimate dance-fitness party for young Zumba fans ages 7-11, where they can play it loud and rock with friends to their own rules! This program features age-appropriate music and moves that get kids movin’ to the beat. It’s all about feeling fearless on the dance floor, reinforcing the idea that it’s okay to just be yourself and dance like no one’s watching!